Amsterdam-A City of Extremes

Amsterdam is definitely a place where everyone can feel welcomed. From the rich art and culture to sex and cannabis museums, Amsterdam has is all as long as you are open enough to new things.


Although it is not a big city and all the attractions are within walking distance, the Dutch capital has a lot to offer. So, if you plan on going to Amsterdam for a couple of days, here are the things you should not miss:

  1. Red Light District

For a different vibe and a lot of fun! Here you can admire the windows (haha), visit some different types of museums such as the Museum of Cannabis or Museum of Prostitution, enjoy a live sex show or do some dirty shopping.

2. Rembrandt’s House

Although Van Gogh is Holland’s biggest painter, and Amsterdam holds the biggest museum with his masterpieces, Rembrandt’s house should not be avoided, either. It will feel like a very private journey in the main house of the artist. Besides the multitude of information about the painter and the century he lived in, the museum also offers painting workshops for those interested in finding out how the old classic painters used to create.

3. Sex Museum

Probably one of the most strange and at the same time fun place you would visit, the Sex Museum is a place that perfectly combines sexuality with amusement and the all times profession: prostitution. Besides the fun and a bit vulgar characteristics, the museum offers some useful information as well.

4. Eat the delicious fries

Definitely the best fries I have even eaten! Even if you are not a big fan of fries or you prefer healthy food, trust me, they deserve an exception. Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx is situated in the centre of the city and will be really hard to miss because of the massive ques that are always there. For about 5 Euros you can enjoy a big portion of the delicious fries with your favourite sauce.

5. Walk, walk, walk…or ride!

If you a lucky enough to visit Amsterdam in a sunny and pleasant day, you should definitely take some walks just to enjoy the city’s vibe, the viewings and the architecture.ย  If you don’t fancy walking, riding the bike is a very common thing in Amsterdam, from kids to old people, the city is full of bicycles waiting to be hired.
















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