Des Bijoux​ de chez Chanel…

Red wine, flowers, Eiffel Tower, coffee, croissants, love, Coco Chanel, macaroons,  black& white photos, scarves, hats, Moulin Rouge, museums…but mostly croissants. These are just a few things that pop-up in my head when I think about Paris.

I have always been in love with French women’s style…how they can make a simple and common outfit look outstanding. Is it the accessories, the attitude or just the French vibe? I guess they won’t tell the secret very soon. But until then, we can just scroll on Pinterest and have a guess…here’s what I have found:

  • black and white combinations are a must for a French look
  • stripes are often worn by Parisians
  • you NEED a touch of red, be it a hat, the lipstick or the shoes
  • cat-eye make-up and red lips= France
  • ’50s style dresses and skirts
  • a tailored blazer is a must, as well as the classic trench or leather jacket

And don’t forget that you must always wear a French perfume and your best accessory: the smile!













Thanks again Alina for the photos and for freezing with me!! Alina’s website

Outfit details:

Barette: ASOS

Stripes blouse: Primark

Trench: Oxfam

No name trousers

Bag:Shop here

Boots:Shop here

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