Cheap and Chic Fashion

I assume each and every one of us knows the struggle of being in fashion and trendy when a new season approaches and at the same time being on a student budget. Besides accommodation, food and transport expenses, clothes remain an important part in our lives, especially at this age, when all we want to do is  to follow the trend.

But, don’t get too desperate when you see you cannot afford some designer clothes, you are just a student still and you have all your life ahead to try on Chanel, Versace or Gucci. Until then, here are my top 5 advices for you to keep up with fashion when you are on a low budget.

  1. Keep an eye on sales

At the end of every season, all the stores, both high-end and high street ones are selling items with discounts starting with 10% and getting to 80% or even more. This is the best occasion to put some money apart and start shopping, because sales for this season are already in.


     2.Do not avoid charity shops&outlets

Although you may consider that clothes here are old and not at all trendy, you would be surprised to find out that fashion goes around in a circle and a blouse from the 70s is considered extremely fashionable this season. Also, in these shops you can easily find designer clothes , and if you are lucky enough, they can even be brand new.


     3.Check out the magazines for outfit ideas

If you are into fashion and beauty, I am sure you are buying fashion magazines at least one a week and feel disappointed when you see al those designer clothes that you can’t afford or all those expensive beauty products. Well, next time try some teenage&youth magazines, like TeenVogue, MissVogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle Girl, etc. that generally present affordable clothes.


     4.Grandma’s wardrobe is a treasure

As I said before, fashion trends keep coming back from the past and your grandma’s wardrobe can be of a lot of help for you in this sense. Don’t hesitate to have a look around it, and you will definitely find some trendy, but also really good quality pieces of clothing.


     5.Old clothes can become new clothes

When you decide to donate or throw away a piece of clothing…THINK AGAIN! With the help of the right tailor, it can become a new, trendy one, for just a few pounds. Imagine when all your friends will ask you where you got those trendy jeans from and you’ll say you bought them 3 years ago. Interested now?

Sewing accessories
Sewing accessories on wooden background

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Fun post! I especially love tip #5. Sometimes we forget that changing the neckline or even style of a piece of clothing is as easy as visiting a tailor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it, Caitlin ☺️


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