Flowers, flared, fringes: 70s are back!

“There are no rules in the fashion game now! ” announced Vogue in the early 1970s. The “Me” decade, as writer Tom Wolfe used to call it, was for sure one of the most complex periods in the fashion world. Women emancipation and gay liberation, together with the economical crises and wars, broke all the rules regarding fashion.


During time, the 70s style has been reinvented many times, especially for ready-to-wear collections, and it is back this season too, so you better go shopping for some flares, folk dresses, A-line skirts and knitted tops.

When we think about Seventies fashion, what poppes up in our head first is probably flared jeans and pants.They have been a trend in the last few seasons and don’t seem to leave very soon. In addition, they flatter any silhouette, making us look taller and slimmer, which is every girl’s dream.

DSC_0151 copy

DSC_0128 copy

DSC_0153 copyFlowers in autumn? Fashion says YES! No matter if you wear bohemian flowers, tipical for the “me” decade or a modern approach, such as abstract, embossed or embellished ones, this trend should not be missing  from your 70s inspiration.


 DSC_0135 copy


Regarding accessories, the 70s used cheap materials for jewelry, “More dash than cash” being the motto of the period. Also, don’t think you need to spend lots of money to be in trend! Have you heard of cheap chic? That was the key of the “Me” decade- new clothes were made from old, old and new were worn together and second-hand stores were as busy as Primark’s nowadays.

DSC_0111 copy



Finally, try to squeeze in some fringes in your outfit, it’s a 70s must have and helps you recreate the relaxed air of the decade. Now start shopping and embrace the 70’s revival!! Kisses!



DSC_0131 copy

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