“Are you OK?” “I’m not from the UK”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at Liverpool, our destination. The temperature outside is 10°C  and local hour is 09:07.” Wait. 10?? But, it’s September. Are you telling me that I left my beautiful and ” 30°C “country to come to a better life here? A colder life, can’t be a better life.

Well, my second first impression about the UK, after arriving at the airport in the most unimaginable freezing and humid weather, was that I’ve learned a different English, when a lady asked me “Are you ok?” and I answered smiling politely “No, I’m not from the UK”. Of course, after hundreds of “sorry, can you repeat? ” or just annoying “what??”, I gave up and just said Ok to everything.

When you arrive by yourself in a foreign country, with a luggage that weights more than you, and have no idea where to go, the best thing you can do is to take a minute end laught at the situation…and of course, then become serious and find your accommodation.

Meeting your flatmates after a 12 h trip, when you look like shit and all you wish for is a bed, is not a very good idea, but sometimes, you have to do it. So, I searched for the last fake and horrified smile I had, and just said a shy “Hi”…Luckily, I’ve talked to them before, so they didn’t consider me a scared freak…I hope.SO, after 3 weeks in Uk, is finally time for my impressions:

  • It’s not really cold, but the wind is killing you
  • People are friendly, but not so friendly to carry your 40 kg luggage, so don’t take your house with you, as I did
  • They have an accent and are not afraid to use it
  • They also have pot and are not afraid to smoke it in the courtyard
  • Everybody drinks and dances at parties
  • Nobody cares about the way you’re dressed, what you do, who you date, so if someone is looking weird at you, they are probably from Romania
  • Most Romanian people are studying Architecture or Hotel Management
  • Fish and chips is a bullshit
  • Lectures are great and projects are really difficult
  • I always look on the wrong side when I cross the street..still
  • They are afraid you’ll jump from the window, as the windows open just 20 cm
  • There are rules and regulations everywhere, posted on the walls
  • “Sorry” and “Thanks” are the main words
  • If you loose your phone in the club, chances are that you can find it at the bar, (thanks Tokyo). Also, you’ll find selfies made by all the bartenders, as a plus (thanks again Tokyo)
  • As a student, you have lots of discounts, almost evetywhere
  • English people are really helpful and they just come and talk to you even if they’ve never seen you before
  • They have laws and strictly respect them

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  1. Queen Sylvia says:

    Actually, they don’t have an accent. 🙂 They speak British English, and what we usually learn in foreign countries, is American English, and we’re taught to speak American English as well, because it’s more easily palatable than the specific British dialect. But technically, we’re the ones that speak with an accent, and Americans speak with an accent, too, but not the British, though.

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    1. Actually, they have an accent depending on which part of the UK they come from, this is why sometimes, they don’t even understand themselves. I have been taught British English, but as long as the teacher is not a native speaker, it is really hard to pronounce corectly and understand everything that native speakers say. Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoyed the article. ☺️😘

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      1. Queen Sylvia says:

        Yes I certainly did, and by the way, aren’t all countries like that, with totally different dialects at every part of the country, and not understanding each other? I live in the Southeastern part of Bulgaria, and for the life of me, I just cannot understand what people of the Southwestern part are saying, ever.


      2. Yea, Romania is the same!


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