Study abroad-Why? When? How?

The rainy weather that has taken over my town lately made me realise that there is less than a week left until I move to the UK.


What’s funny is that one year ago I wasn’t even thinking about studying abroad, I was totally decided to move to Bucharest with all my friends. It all has changed in a boring october day, when a classmate mensioned the fact that she was going to study hotel management in Birmingham. As I wasn’t really delighted with our universities, I decided to give UK a chance, so I spent the entire day asking my classmate for more information.

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And here I am, after almost a year, packing for Huddersfield.

For me it all started as a joke and a “what if”, so if you are in a similar situation or you have always wanted to study abroad, the following information should be of any help for you.

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The first question on your mind is probably “WHY should I go study in another country? WHY should I leave all my family and friends and move so far away? Why? ”  Well, if you ask me, the first benefit that pops into my mind is personal developement. Living by your own 2.000 km away from home in a completely different environment, surrounded with people from all over the world, will for sure make you a more mature and open-minded person.


Then, leaving aside the multiculturality , you will also have a lot of benefits regarding you professional career. Did you know that a degree in UK allows you to work anywhere in the world? Or that most people who graduate in UK find a job in their domain within 6 months after gratuation? Well, this is what I call benefits.

HOW? Well, the application process is not very complicated, but it should start a year before leaving. You can either contact a company that will help you, or you can make the application yourself through UCAS. Applying through UCAS will give you direct access to your ucas account, which in other cases, may be prohibited .

On the other hand, a company would help you choose the best university and will sustain you during the whole application proccess, this is why, I have chosen Study Abroad Advising Center -you can find them here They were extremely helpfull during this whole period and the information they provided was totally accurate and complete. All you have to do is a trip to Bucharest once in order to find the best university for you and then, everything else will come off on e-mail. For more details, you can e-mail them:


So, if you are ready to completely change your life, studying abroad is definitely the best solution for you and there are many people willing to help you get where you want, so don’t hesitate to contact them!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment bellow! Kisses !!

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