Spring vibes

Together with warmth and sun, spring also brings us a lot of joy. DSC_0110Let’s face it: we all like those warm walks in the park, the spring holiday, the longer days and the idea that summer is closer. Of course, we start wearing less clothes, feeling more relaxed and fresh. That’s at least how I felt last weekend, when I decided that the day was by far too beautiful to be spent inside.


I was so happy about everything and it just gave me a childish atitude and that’s why I decided to curl my hair like this( by using a pencil) and wear some simple and casual clothes, suitable for a sunny, relaxing day.

DSC_0013If you are in love with shorts, but you feel like there is not their time yet,don’t worry! You can find many pairs made of thicker materials and add some coloured tights in order to fit the multicoloured spring. I opted for brown, for a better fitting, but you cand find gren, yellow,red and many others.


For a more colourful look that would match my childish mood, I wore a  really cute bowtie, an accesory that many girls started to wear, lately, due to the universal models.

This is the first time I opted for this hairstyle, and I can honestly tell you that it is a very fast and simple method. All you need is a straightener and a pencil! In about 45 minutes you’ll be ready and it will last for about 2-3 days, depending on your hair type.

Hope your spring started amazingly and will continue this way! Hope you liked my outfit! Kisses !!   DSC_0109

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  1. still waiting for spring , haa, you look good


    1. Me too, seems like it was a fake one until now! Thanks for passing by! :*

      Liked by 1 person

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