Christmas outfit

Christmas is almost here and you don’t know what to wear yet?

What about a little inspiration from the Romanian Traditional Costume? Although Romania is a modern european country, there are still some places where traditions are respected the whole year, but mostly during the winter holidays. One of this places is Maramures and here are some pictures of it and its people.





Coming back to my Christmas outfit, this year I decided to wear a “remake” of our traditional costume that my grandmother created a few years ago.


The blouse, called “ie” is bought from Orsay and the rest of the outfit is sew by hand: “jupa” and “poale” which form what we call a skirt.


Another important piece is the vest, that I personally love due to its accessibility( it can be worn with almost anything).



If the idea of the Romanian Traditional Costume is a little bit too much for you, but you would still like to wear something inspired by our traditions, you can keep the upper part of the outfit and match it with a simple dress, as I did with this red one.


This outfit is perfect for the Christmas family lunch, when you open gifts listen to Christmas music and just enjoy some time with your loved ones.


Hope I gave you a little inspiration with this outfit and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Kisses!


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