Tips for Christmas gifts

The week before Christmas seems so busy, malls are full of people and the roads are so crowded that Santa might arrive a little bit later than he should.

The reason for this craziness? The soooo long-awaited Christmas presents! For mom, for dad, for boyfriend, for BFF, for brothers or sisters, secret santa at your company, and the list could go on forever.


How can we save some time and money, but at the same time offer a memorable gift? Here are some tips and suggestions that might be of any help for you!


  1. PARENTS: give your parents a symbolical present! Parents get really excited only when they think about receiving something from their kids, so it is not necesarry to spend a lot of time on their gift. A frame with your family photo or the inscription of an emotional message on a T-shirt  would be perfect!


2. BEST FRIEND: love your BFF so much, but she is extremely pretentious when it comes to gifts? Don’t worry, mine is too.  Best idea is to take her one day “shopping” and see what clothes, parfumes or make-up she spottes. Then, just go and buy it! Such a great time saving!


3.BOYFRIEND: as boys are generally pasioned with something (football, computer games, gym, etc), choosing a present for your boyfriend shouldn’t be so hard. But in case you are his only pasion, then a symbolical couple gift would be the perfect idea.


4. FOR EVERYONE : for the persons who are not so close to you, the easiest way is the clasical one, the traditional X-mas gifts: sweets, nice Christmas sweaters, tree decorations, etc.


5. WRAPPING: finally, buy a special gift bag or wrap your present, because there is nothing more cute than a nice looking gift, wrapped by yourserf. Here’s how to do it:

10863740_743947395690934_646408919_n 10866769_743947845690889_166903255_n

Good luck shopping and don’t forget to give yourself a little present! kisses!!



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