Dark colours for dark days at school


My final year is getting really busy and stressful and as I am trying my best to stay focused on school, this started taking over my outfits, too. In order for you to remember your school years or in some cases, to still take advantage of them, I’ll present you a “schoolish” outfit, suited for autumn.

DSC_1342   DSC_1394

Choosing your school outfit doesn’t mean that you have to lose your feminism or that you can’t still be a little bit sexy. This is why I’ve opted for a  black classic mini skirt and a pair of  grey climbing socks, as this combination makes a childish, but also sexy outfit.


If you are reading fashion magazines, I’m sure that you are tired of the statement “ Grey is the new black” , but as grey items are a must have this season, using them even in combination with black, won’t make your outfit boring  or too simple, as long as you chose the right accessories,for instance,like I did with those grey climbing socks and the metallic blue scarf.


Another trend of this autumn,regarding make up is the purple lipstick. When you decide to wear this strong colour lipstick, you have to make sure that your eye make up is extremely simple or you can only use mascara. You can use this make up in order to stand out in your school or at job.

DSC_1385 DSC_1384I’m waiting for your comments and opinions! Hope you enjoy my outfit! Kisses!!!

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