Miss in red

As some simple people can make our life so interesting just by putting some “glitter” on it, I think that some simple clothes can make our outfits outstanding if we accessorise them properly. SO, for an usual autumn day, when I only go to school or out with some friends, I have chosen this simple red dress.


I’ve also chosen some simple black ankle boots in order to complete the casual look.

The most important piece of my outfit is the fur vest, which I have used as an accessory, in order to make my look a little bit more chic. Moreover, we all now that this piece is extremely trendy during the cold season: you can use it for casual looks( like I did), but also for a more clasic one: for instace with a long dress.


DSC_1080The belt will attract attention to your waist, making you look thinier and you can opt for one which has a colour that would contrast with the vest: for exemple I have chosen a black one, because the colour is opposed to the vest’s, but at the same time it matches the boots.


A simple hairstyle and makeup will perfectly complete this casual look. Don’t forget that your smile is the best accessory, have a joyful atitude and express it with your clothes. I’m waiting for your opinions, so don’t forget to comment! Kisses!!



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