Warm colours

Autumn is here and anywhere you look,you are surrounded by the warm colours of the falling leaves. This is the main reason why I chose to take some pictures in nature for this post.Although autumn might make you feel sad or melancholic,you have to admit that the beauties of the landscapes leave you speechless.


In order to sparckle this autumn,you must opt for a comfortable,but at the same time stylish outfit. The simplest way of making an outfit outstanding is by choosing a basic item and accessorizing it! And what better choice,than the little black dress?


I accessorized it with a special piece: the Romanian tradional vest,which is sew by hand. The one that I wear is aproximately 100 years old and it was my grand grandmother’s.It is a very interesting piece of clothing and it matches almost every basic dress.
The hat and the red heels complete the outfit,giving it a chic allure.You can wear this outfit at work,at a meeting or even for a date. It has a fresh and youthful aspect,but elegant at the same time.
I hope that despite the weather you are enjoying your autumn! Don’t forget to start your day with a large smile and a lot of energy! Comment & follow! Kisses

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