Going on placement-HOT or NOT?

I would like to mention from the beginning that I am totally PRO going on placement regardless your course. There is nothing that can prepare you better for your future career than spending some time in the industry and seeing the PROs and CONS. Who knows, maybe you realise that your dream job is actually not for you.

I’ve taken two very different fashion placements this summer, and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I could have taken…even if it kept me away from my holiday. I will talk more about each of them in a future post, but for now I would like to share with you the good and bad parts of taking a fashion placement.

      HOT                                                                          NOT

  • Direct contact with the industry ………….which may scare you
  • You get to meet new people………………..mostly superficial ones
  • Go to fancy events……………………………or events where you would never want to go
  • Makes you really responsible ……………. and makes you get up really early as well
  • Goody bags!!……………………………………made by you…300 of them to be exact
  • You’ll feel appreciated ………………………but they won’t even remember your name
  • You’ll get work experience………………….and loose some holidays
  • Get to see lots of fancy clothes……………..none for you still

How often do you listen to your inner child?


Turning 20 got me thinking that now it’s time to become an adult: mature, responsible and ready to cope with all the problems that may come.

But then I could not help but wonder: do we ever become completely mature or are we just children on the inside forever, pretending that “we know it better” when all we actually do is keep on learning all our lives.

We are in such a rush to become adults, when in fact all we should do is enjoy our age. Getting a job, a house, a car won’t make you happy, because happiness comes from the kid within yourself.

How often do you listen to your inner child?




Outfit details:

Bomber jacket: New Look

Sneakers: Stradivarius

Top: Bershka

Bag: River Island

TOP 4 Trends of the Season (as seen at LFW)

1.Beautiful Botanicals

Flowers, flowers everywhere! This is probably the most common and well known trend for SS. The only difference is that this season, the flowers are becoming graphic and oversized on outwear. All designers featured these prints. Here are some ideas:





Get ready for an USA look this summer as bold star and stripe motifs were present in many designer shows.Match them with some cowboy elements and a collegiate jacket and you are definitely good to go.




3.Fizz with colour

Strong colours are for sure in vogue this S/S so maybe it is worth having a look at some 80s’ pop artists for inspiration. And the most important rule: don’t be shy! Clashing colours are not that difficult to wear.




4. New romance

You definitely need a new romance this summer, one with: ruffles, lace, tulle and silk all of them in palest of pastel shades. It is all about being feminine and delicate, so embrace your romantic spirit!




andrada-4 ph

The Remains of the Cold Season

I wish I could present you a colourful dress, full of prints or flowers, but unfortunately, we all know that March is just a warmer month of winter and not at all a spring one. So, for those of you who are looking for an outfit that might help you cope with the “not too low, not too high” temperatures here is this simple black-white grey combination, easy to wear, mix and match.


andrada-4 ph

andrada 1 ph



andrada-10 ph

andrada-12 ph


andrada 3 ph

andrada-13 ph

Special thanks to Alina Pankova for photos, visit her website here for more amazing photography: www.alinapankova.com


London Fashion Weekend Experience

Last Thursday was a day full of “firsts” for me: first time in London, first time attending such a big fashion event and for the first time being part of an audience at a serious fashion show.


After a pleasant and relaxed train journey of about 3 hours, I’ve arrived in the heart of England for the first time. I have to admit that I am a big cities fan, so I was sure I was going to love London.



The crowd, the people, the double-deckers and the famous phone cabins (where I forgot to take photos), they were all there. But, I was not a basic tourist in London, I went there with clear purposes: all fashion related.


First stop it was the National Portrait Gallery, where the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition is taking place until the 22 of May. Although the exhibition was a really interesting one, presenting  Vogue UK covers, pictures and articles since the magazine’s release in 1916, we were not allowed to take any pictures. I highly recommend you to go and see it if you arrive in London as it is fascination to see how much a brand can develop among history. Structured in a reverse chronology, starting with the magazine today and moving back through the decades to the very first issue, the exhibition includes photos of really well known fashion photographers: Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Mario Testino, to name just a few.



In addition, they had a lovely souvenirs’ shop with lots of mugs, mirrors, pens and even an original 1920s’ Vogue magazine, that could have been bought for around 200 pounds.


After leaving the exhibition, we had a walk on Oxford road, to admire the amazing shopping paradise, and quickly ran to our main event of the day: London Fashion Weekend day 1.


LFWend is the biggest pop up fashion event, that can basically be attended by anyone with an interest in fashion. You can pick one of the 3 tickets type: bronze, silver or gold but you can also have a luxe one, and get a front row sit. The event is really complex including besides the fashion shows, shopping rooms with designer clothes on discount ( ex,: celine sunglasses for just 77 pounds, Vivienne Westwood scarf-35 pounds, etc. ), industry talks, where people shared their fashion experiences tote bags and a lot other fun activities, like taking some pictures with branded sunglasses in order to #diveintofashion or promoting Maybelline’s new campaign Dare to Go Nude #mnyfw.





The two catwalks we saw were both amazing, presenting in a shorter and simpler way the biggest LFW trends for SS16. First we saw Emilia Wickstead’s collection full of coulor, patterns, flowers, full of life, as spring makes us feel. And the second catwalk represented 4 collection with the biggest trends of the season. (Runway review and trends will be presented in a different blog post SOON).

In the evening we had a short walk at the Big Ben and London Eye, and finished the day in the most British way: with cakes and tea.



For the fashion lovers, for whom Vogue is the monthly bible there is no secret that one of this season’s most frequently found style is the androgyne one. No matter if you want to go fully masculine and opt for a snug fit on the shoulders and clean lines at the bust or keep a little bit of feminity and wear a straight-line skirt, you must try this style in the cold season.

DSC_0164 copy

DSC_0179 copy

DSC_0202 copy

Apart from the straight lines when it comes to cutting, another key for the best masculine outfit is to stick to a neutral colour palette, by choosing tones of grey, brown, black or navy combined with crisp white. Fabrics also have an important role and the best option are the natural ones, as cotton, wool and cashmere, which will also keep you warm during winter.

DSC_0176 copy

DSC_0187 copy

DSC_0197 (2)

A must when it comes to this style is to always wear masculine shoes! So if you are not in the mood for heels one day, but still want to wear something sexy, powerful and classic, get into your oxford shoes immediately!

DSC_0170 copy

DSC_0183 copy

DSC_0191 copy

Hope you’ll find the courage to try this style during the cold season, as it will make you feel powerful and sexy! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave your opinions in the comments bellow! Kisses!

DSC_0181 copy

DSC_0165 copy


Flowers, flared, fringes: 70s are back!

“There are no rules in the fashion game now! ” announced Vogue in the early 1970s. The “Me” decade, as writer Tom Wolfe used to call it, was for sure one of the most complex periods in the fashion world. Women emancipation and gay liberation, together with the economical crises and wars, broke all the rules regarding fashion.


During time, the 70s style has been reinvented many times, especially for ready-to-wear collections, and it is back this season too, so you better go shopping for some flares, folk dresses, A-line skirts and knitted tops.

When we think about Seventies fashion, what poppes up in our head first is probably flared jeans and pants.They have been a trend in the last few seasons and don’t seem to leave very soon. In addition, they flatter any silhouette, making us look taller and slimmer, which is every girl’s dream.

DSC_0151 copy

DSC_0128 copy

DSC_0153 copyFlowers in autumn? Fashion says YES! No matter if you wear bohemian flowers, tipical for the “me” decade or a modern approach, such as abstract, embossed or embellished ones, this trend should not be missing  from your 70s inspiration.


 DSC_0135 copy


Regarding accessories, the 70s used cheap materials for jewelry, “More dash than cash” being the motto of the period. Also, don’t think you need to spend lots of money to be in trend! Have you heard of cheap chic? That was the key of the “Me” decade- new clothes were made from old, old and new were worn together and second-hand stores were as busy as Primark’s nowadays.

DSC_0111 copy



Finally, try to squeeze in some fringes in your outfit, it’s a 70s must have and helps you recreate the relaxed air of the decade. Now start shopping and embrace the 70’s revival!! Kisses!



DSC_0131 copy

“Are you OK?” “I’m not from the UK”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at Liverpool, our destination. The temperature outside is 10°C  and local hour is 09:07.” Wait. 10?? But, it’s September. Are you telling me that I left my beautiful and ” 30°C “country to come to a better life here? A colder life, can’t be a better life.

Well, my second first impression about the UK, after arriving at the airport in the most unimaginable freezing and humid weather, was that I’ve learned a different English, when a lady asked me “Are you ok?” and I answered smiling politely “No, I’m not from the UK”. Of course, after hundreds of “sorry, can you repeat? ” or just annoying “what??”, I gave up and just said Ok to everything.

When you arrive by yourself in a foreign country, with a luggage that weights more than you, and have no idea where to go, the best thing you can do is to take a minute end laught at the situation…and of course, then become serious and find your accommodation.

Meeting your flatmates after a 12 h trip, when you look like shit and all you wish for is a bed, is not a very good idea, but sometimes, you have to do it. So, I searched for the last fake and horrified smile I had, and just said a shy “Hi”…Luckily, I’ve talked to them before, so they didn’t consider me a scared freak…I hope.SO, after 3 weeks in Uk, is finally time for my impressions:

  • It’s not really cold, but the wind is killing you
  • People are friendly, but not so friendly to carry your 40 kg luggage, so don’t take your house with you, as I did
  • They have an accent and are not afraid to use it
  • They also have pot and are not afraid to smoke it in the courtyard
  • Everybody drinks and dances at parties
  • Nobody cares about the way you’re dressed, what you do, who you date, so if someone is looking weird at you, they are probably from Romania
  • Most Romanian people are studying Architecture or Hotel Management
  • Fish and chips is a bullshit
  • Lectures are great and projects are really difficult
  • I always look on the wrong side when I cross the street..still
  • They are afraid you’ll jump from the window, as the windows open just 20 cm
  • There are rules and regulations everywhere, posted on the walls
  • “Sorry” and “Thanks” are the main words
  • If you loose your phone in the club, chances are that you can find it at the bar, (thanks Tokyo). Also, you’ll find selfies made by all the bartenders, as a plus (thanks again Tokyo)
  • As a student, you have lots of discounts, almost evetywhere
  • English people are really helpful and they just come and talk to you even if they’ve never seen you before
  • They have laws and strictly respect them

large (4)

Study abroad-Why? When? How?

The rainy weather that has taken over my town lately made me realise that there is less than a week left until I move to the UK.


What’s funny is that one year ago I wasn’t even thinking about studying abroad, I was totally decided to move to Bucharest with all my friends. It all has changed in a boring october day, when a classmate mensioned the fact that she was going to study hotel management in Birmingham. As I wasn’t really delighted with our universities, I decided to give UK a chance, so I spent the entire day asking my classmate for more information.

large (2)

And here I am, after almost a year, packing for Huddersfield.

For me it all started as a joke and a “what if”, so if you are in a similar situation or you have always wanted to study abroad, the following information should be of any help for you.

large (4)

The first question on your mind is probably “WHY should I go study in another country? WHY should I leave all my family and friends and move so far away? Why? ”  Well, if you ask me, the first benefit that pops into my mind is personal developement. Living by your own 2.000 km away from home in a completely different environment, surrounded with people from all over the world, will for sure make you a more mature and open-minded person.


Then, leaving aside the multiculturality , you will also have a lot of benefits regarding you professional career. Did you know that a degree in UK allows you to work anywhere in the world? Or that most people who graduate in UK find a job in their domain within 6 months after gratuation? Well, this is what I call benefits.

HOW? Well, the application process is not very complicated, but it should start a year before leaving. You can either contact a company that will help you, or you can make the application yourself through UCAS. Applying through UCAS will give you direct access to your ucas account, which in other cases, may be prohibited .

On the other hand, a company would help you choose the best university and will sustain you during the whole application proccess, this is why, I have chosen Study Abroad Advising Center -you can find them here http://www.education-abroad.ro/. They were extremely helpfull during this whole period and the information they provided was totally accurate and complete. All you have to do is a trip to Bucharest once in order to find the best university for you and then, everything else will come off on e-mail. For more details, you can e-mail them: saac.romania@gmail.com.


So, if you are ready to completely change your life, studying abroad is definitely the best solution for you and there are many people willing to help you get where you want, so don’t hesitate to contact them!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment bellow! Kisses !!